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Baggage/carry on fees

When I was booking my flight tickets I asked the agent if there was a baggage fee. She said no to carry on. I just confirmed my tickets and now it says $40 extra for carry on, $25 for checked bags.

I'd like to know what it is, because I could get cheaper tickets now that I have $65 extra dollars in baggage fees.


Un-used ticket

We have 2 unused tickets from March and would now like to use them. How do I go about doing that?

I've been on hold for reservations for over a half an hour already? Would like to book our flight before the price goes up.



on flight mpls to cancun can a cpap machine(breather help aid) be carried on in checked luggage


Carry-on Baggage

Hi, Carry- on baggage is free or not? If it is not free is it CHEAPER if I pay in advance? Thanks


How to file a complaint against a flight attendant

My daughter seated next to me on flight number SY524 was aggressively accosted by a bearded flight attendant and when I tried to intervene he attacked me and called me names


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